Practical Filmmaking Course

A Film Director is a person who transforms fantastic ideas and imagination into reality on screen and tells stories through the visuals. To understand all the workings of filmmaking, it is important to develop your creative and technological skills, learn the craft and the business only with practical knowledge and experience.

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A Film Director is a person who transforms fantastic ideas and imagination into reality on screen and tells stories through the visuals. To understand all the workings of filmmaking, it is important to develop your creative and technological skills, learn the craft and the business only with practical knowledge and experience.

Are you also passionate about telling stories and transforming visions into visuals?

If you also dream of lighting up the screen with your creativity and artistic signature, take stories from scripts to the big screens, aspire to be at the focal point of film-making and get into heart of making Films and Television shows, then Practical Filmmaking course is the perfect match for you.



TRAINING METHODOLOGY: 100% Practical Training and Job Oriented

COURSE CONTENT: The curriculum specializes not only in the basics but also all-round knowledge with adequate practical competence through practice projects.

  1.     Fundamentals of Directing a Film: Skills and competencies that you acquire are diversified and cross-disciplinary including understanding film as business, production budget and planning release on modern platforms as soon as you start making the film and realizing film as a goal.
  2.     Script analysis & Creative writing: Researching, writing, developing and implementing the film script is the most fundamental tasks of a director. Understanding Visual Storytelling and using camera as a storytelling tool, will be put into practice in pre-visualizing a scene that students write. Develop your ideas into a properly structured shooting script.
  3.     Understanding evolving filmmaking formats: Going through all the three stages of pre- production, production and post-production processes of making a short film helps you understand changing technologies and relation between stages creatively and practically
  4.     Production Plan: The director’s conception of the visuals, emotions and the impact of a film is achieved with collaborative work of production team. Knowledge of technical and creative areas is indispensable in order to work comfortably with equipments, digital camera, sound, editing software’s and post-production at eye level.
  5.     Shoot, Staging, Blocking, Image Resolution: Under the supervision of trainers students direct their film in a practical shoot covering important topics such as blocking action and maximizing use of location. Not only selecting the right team but the key success factor of directorial work is the ability to lead, mobilize and motivate the actors, the crew and the experts.
  6.     Specialized topics in direction: Use of sound, pace, point of view and post-production techniques further enhance story telling during editing during the final creative stage.


  1. A unique course specially designed for Independent Filmmakers. You’ll get into the nitty-gritty of independent filmmaking from Day 1 and you’ll also start making your own film. By the end of the course, you’ll have not only learnt every aspect of filmmaking  but have also directed your first and very own short film.
  2. Classes are taught by most experienced film and TV professionals of Hindi film industry, in a real-world environment with practical experience, excellent facilities and equipments that can transform film production into a great experience. The unique opportunity will hone your filmmaking skills, develop and bring your script to life in a finished film.
  3. Practice and training for the job is at the heart of Joinfilms teaching methodology. Throughout your course, you will gain several practical experiences on sets of TV shows and film projects where you will watch and learn from working professionals.
  4. During your internship, you will have the chance to work right at the centre of the action in a film production company to further enhance your professional and creative skills.
  5. In Joinfilms students also take part in national and international film festivals, also win prizes and funding. In any case, you will have the chance to showcase your film on Joinfilms Youtube Channel where you can find some great examples of first time short films like ‘Stripped’.
  6. Joinfilms is a Popular Youtube Channel showcasing people from Indian film industry, you will benefit from worldwide networking opportunities during your study.
  7. At Joinfilms, you’ll be empowered to widen your network in film industry as you will spend time at several real TV and filmmaking sets. During this period, you will make valuable contacts, gain experience of working environment on sets and perhaps make friends for life. Visiting sets is often the highlight this course as it is an adventurous time when you grow personally and learn about work life and mentalities.

Joinfilms Academy also conducts Practical Cinematography Course and Practical Advance Editing Course for aspiring technicians keen on making a career in the film industry. For aspirants who are unable to reach Joinfilms Academy locations can also take Cinematography Online Video Course


WHO SHOULD JOIN: Aspiring directors and producers, new assistant directors, new filmmakers and independent filmmakers.

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Whether it is for cinema, television or internet, directors are all-rounder’s who are responsible for the creative realization of a film from the very beginning to the end. They make all the important artistic decisions, mobilize the entire crew and take into consideration every technical detail to ensure a great outcome. Film directors have the eye to capture the subtlest of expressions and at the same time, they can captivate us with larger than life stories using the mash-up of sounds, sights and all kinds of emotions.

If you’re not just a passionate moviegoer, but also have a knack for pulling the strings and pursuing creative challenges as a film-maker, then you should study Practical Filmmaking Course. Joinfilms Academy’s innovative programs run by experienced industry professionals, provide an opportunity to make your own film while also helping you create network with fellow students, instructors and working film industry people. Here’s the best program for.


By the time you complete this course, you are acquainted with the full spectrum of film and television directing so you are well-equipped for diverse career options in the film, media or the advertising industry including Director, Assistant Director, Acting Coach, Creator, Creative Consultant, Ad film director, film producer, independent filmmaker and any kind of production work


Joinfilms Academy’s innovative film programs are designed for a new generation of storytellers with an unrivaled approach to hands-on and interactive learning new directors find themselves completely immersed in their course of study from day one.  Dynamic and stimulating Practical Filmmaking course is led by industry practitioners. The filmmaking course is structured over 6-month time with film shoot and largely weekend classes and thus is ideal for anyone interested in personal or professional development on weekends. You’ll learn in a series of activities month by month including Directing in Writing a Brief and Pre-production, Cinematography, Production, Shoot with Camera provided – 5D Canon DSLR, Post Production with Editing sound, special effects & graphics and final review, Marketing and Release of the film.

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