Practical Screenwriting Course

Many of us have a passion for reading and writing the stories but did you realize that it’s possible to make a career from this talent? By learning and putting some efforts you can convert your written stories into script which gets turned into film.

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Many of us have a passion for reading and writing the stories but did you realize that it’s possible to make a career from this talent? By learning and putting some efforts you can convert your written stories into script which gets turned into film. These days writers are in more demand as they are required everywhere from internet to advertising to films to television to radio to web based content and more.

So, Do you have an idea for a Film of TV serials?

This Unique and First of its kind Practical Screenwriting Course is designed to teach fundamentals of professional script writing from the point of view of Indian filmmaking and script writing. With Joinfilms strengthen your writing and learn latest structures and techniques which will position you correctly in the film industry and will help you sell your script.  If you have passion and active interest in writing and want to make it your career path, then here is the best program for you.



TRAINING METHODOLOGY: 100% Practical Training and Job Oriented

COURSE CONTENT – If you want a career of film script writer, you should have writing skills, creativity and self-motivation. Learn the most important things about Script writing in this program –

  1.     Screenwriting explained in terms of visual nature of movies. Generating ideas to be represented as visuals, Forming a premise, developing characters, creating dramatic strategies and scenes of your choice and Understanding Screenplay as blueprint.
  2.     Creating plot, subplots, an effective opening section, Techniques for sustaining and Creating an effective climax and Flashbacks while also developing tone through genre and environment with lightness/darkness.
  3.     Understanding Consistency and Theme while weaving theme into a story.
  4.     Writing effective screenplay description, defining scenes and Understanding Tenets of a good Sequence and scenes including its importance, desire/conflict, visual storytelling, scene structure and compression.
  5.     Dialogue Writing that includes creating illusion of reality and characterization, Subtext, Exposition, Performance directions & Voice over.
  6.     Free Consultation for your Script Project: In the end of the course you’ll have your own bound script ready to shoot.



  1. A group less than 10 students with film industry experienced faculties that conducts example-based as well as practically minded lectures.
  2. Developing your own unique storytelling technique while becoming aware of different writing techniques and understanding case studies.
  3. Doing in-depth research or study to create and write stories that engage the audience fully.
  4. Classes majorly focused on constructing an innovative, strong, fulfilling and engaging script for the audience that will also work well on the set too.
  5. Understanding Story pitching and narration: Creating pitches for Production houses, studios, producers, and representation. Getting your pitch to players in the industry and narrating script to the producers.
  6. Understanding life of a screenwriter, increasing your knowledge about essentials of writing for a particular segment and know about script writers relationship with the director and producer.
  7.  After the course you will have an opportunity to work with directors or producers in Joinfilms or leading production houses with our guidance.
  8. Online Video Course to continue learning and making yourself effective and best even after the course is completed.
  9. The entire course is both in Hindi and English for the understanding of local Indian writers in every corner of the country.

Joinfilms Academy also conducts Script Pitch and Narration Workshop for aspiring writers keen on making a career in the film industry. For Writers who are unable to reach Joinfilms Academy locations can also take Practical Script Writing Online Video Course



  1.     Ashok Bakshi: A veteran writer in Bollywood, who would be personally coaching via this extremely cost-effective, and practical training course.
  2.     Srivinay Salian: An Indian television and film writer and an independent filmmaker.

WHO SHOULD JOIN: Aspiring writers, story tellers, story creators, independent filmmakers and everyone else whose passion is writing and telling stories through films

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What does the writer do in films?

Screenwriting and script writing is an ability to create engaging narrative, characters and plot that can be converted to visuals that appears on screen. This narrative can be totally imaginary and original or inspired by a true story or can also be adapted from previously written short story, book or a novel. Script Writing is done only for pitching the script to a filmmaker or associated teams thus writing script has to involve some technical details like the components of lighting, acting and directing.

While writing the scripts for Films or TV, script writer has to develop an ability to work under pressure and deliver within set time frames. In filmmaking writers do not work independently but toil closely with technical teams, various artists, directors and producers as script is a blueprint for the film that will get made and released for public viewing in future. Thus a script should reflect the writer’s knowledge.

How to start and establish yourself as a Successful Script writer?

Practical course in Script Writing helps writer to write all the components of the script correctly and break into the film industry. Script writing course provides you personalised training in writing for film, TV, theatre, digital media and more along with encouraging you to develop your creativity.

With the expansion of the film industry in India, the increase in number of of new TV channels and independent production companies, the need or demand for the professional script writers has been increased and as an optional, you may also undertake script writing assignments on freelance basis. So, by end of script writing course, you will be able to determine film ideas, tell a visual story, create screenplays and construct a professional script.

What are the jobs available after completing Script Writing Course?

After successful completion of this course you will have various career opportunities – Screenwriter, Scriptwriter for Film/TV, Script editor, Story editor, Film Director/Producer, Television Director/Producer, Production Executive, Studio Executive, Copywriters in digital media and advertising and Screenwriting teachers/tutors. Enhance the necessary skill sets and get a taste of Joining Film Script writing easily !

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