Practical Advanced Editing Course


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“Joinfilms Advance Editing Course has grown its reputation to be the best to learn the editor’s craft.”

In almost all creative expression such as visual storytelling, video making or photo content creation, editing is must making it indispensable to filmmaking. Even if you aspire to be Director, Camera operator, DOP or Film Producer learning the art of post production is a requirement. Editing is also an influential standalone career in film industry as it is essential to creatively structure any film or cinematic work.

These days editors are in more demand as they are required everywhere from internet to advertising to films to television to radio to web based content and more. This Unique and First of its kind Practical Advanced Editing Course is designed to teach the fundamentals of professional editing while strengthening your editing sense with latest softwares and techniques which will position you correctly in the film industry. It will help you kick start your job as an Editor, so if you are passionate about a career in post-production, then here is the best program for you.



TRAINING METHODOLOGY: 100% Practical Training and Job Oriented

COURSE CONTENT – The Six Months Intensive course will help you to develop practical tools and foundation you need as a visual artist and Editor.

  1. Foundational Training on the art of video editing with top industry video editing programs like Final Cut Pro (FCP), Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects.
  2. Understanding story-telling, Transitions and working with time lines including Offline / Online edits.
  3. Learn film theory; covering variety of modern editing techniques as well as the aesthetics of narrative in different types of films such as short film, corporate videos, training videos, TV serial episode, video album, feature film, comedy and documentary.
  4. Analysis of films scene by scene, shot by shot with illustrations and for practice, students will be assigned editing exercises in real projects to ensure that they apply and achieve what they have learned in class.
  5. Learn to edit while working on variety of real projects including films, shorts, music videos, ad films, short videos, documentaries, corporate films and other projects. Students will present their editing works for comments by experts and improvement.
  6. Understanding Special effects in editing. Not only learn editing tools but also understand why and how to use them in different projects.
  7. For the full six months you’ll have fully equipped editing stations to complete your practical training. You’ll not get lost in an overcrowded classroom with no facility to do your own experiments on the system.


  1.     Create Your Demo Reel – Construct your reel from in-class work on scenes from actual films and projects to represent your talent and get your foot in the door.
  2.     Showcase your talent on Joinfilms Youtube Channel: Access to our exclusive Youtube Channel group for career/technical advice and job opportunities. Get credit for your work on Joinfilms Channel. Also get contact information for potential employers.
  3.     Jumpstart Your Job Search. Joinfilms will connect you to Post Production companies with reference and you will be given the opportunity to apply for a paid editorial internship. Many of our students are currently working as editors, assistant editors and are doing paid internship.
  4.    Not Just a Class For Editors: This class is suitable for Directors, DOP’s, or Producers looking to learn the art of storytelling as an editor.
  5.     Resumes & Cover Letters: We help you craft a professional resume and cover letter specifically for the post production industry. You’ll work and learn from working editors, share your edits and get feedback for future growth. Get internship, work experience and proper certification
  6.     Discounts: Special discounts for winners on Joinfilms Youtube Channel and contests run by Joinfilms.
  7.    Location: Conveniently located in the heart of Mumbai film industry, with easy access from anywhere in the city.

“I’m continually impressed by the seriousness of purpose of the students passing through Join films Academy Courses, to the point where I’ve hired a number of graduates on projects of mine.  My only regret is that a place like Join films Academy didn’t exist when I was first trying to break into the film industry. I had to learn everything the hard way.” – Ashu Jain, Film Director

Joinfilms Academy also conducts Practical Cinematography Course and Practical Filmmaking Course for aspiring technicians keen on making a career in the film industry. For aspirants who are unable to reach Joinfilms Academy locations can also take Cinematography Online Video Course


WHO SHOULD JOIN: Aspiring editors, post production enthusiasts, Graphic designers, VFX Creators, new filmmakers and camera operators who want to enhance their knowledge, independent filmmakers and everyone else whose passion is post production.

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What is Post- Production and work of Editor in films?

Editing is primary and fundamental component of all types of filmmaking whether feature or short film, T.V Serial, Music Videos, Documentaries, Corporate films, Web films or video content, News Channel and also Live Events or Sports Telecast. In technical terms editing is an art of composing space and time through the arrangement, assembly and interaction of images and sounds. Editing does not only include cutting or arranging a film but includes storytelling, emotion, tempo, and rhythm. All types of creative works expressed through visuals, film, video or image-related media, everything acquires meaning and impact through editing: the juxtaposition of images and sounds.

How to establish yourself as Successful Editor?

After successful completion of an Editing course you will have various career opportunities in Post production department of Film and Television Production House, Advertising companies, Other Media Production studios and also in digital media as Independent Editor or Assistant Editor in a post production team. Editing is also required for news, sports and all types of media channels, so editors are hired in all companies working with visual media.  From narrative scene editing to documentary editing, you will be able to make a movie, short film or any kind of film.

How to become or start as an Editor in films?

Editing techniques are often taught as part of a broader course of study. Many institutes offer film editing with a number of related programs such as film and TV production, digital arts, software learning workshops and others. When selecting academy for film editing, it is important to not only consider the types of programs but also the platform that will allow to showcase your skill and also give you credit for your work, the availability of internships and production facilities. Enhance the necessary skill sets and get a taste of Joining Film Editing and Post production easily!

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