Practical Playback Singing Course


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“It’s very challenging to be a playback singer in Bollywood. When you go to the studio, you don’t know what’s going to hit you and that’s scary. One day you are asked to sing a love song and the next day a rock song in a really high pitch. Somebody else makes a song and then you are invited to sing that song. That’s challenging because a music director lives with a song and as a singer, you are supposed to walk in, give the song two hours, sing it and feel exactly the same kind of passion as the composer.” Mohit Chauhan, Popular Bollywood Playback Singer

Although singing isn’t the most difficult skill and may come to anyone naturally but it’s definitely complex when it comes to become a professional or playback singer. Sometimes you can surely create beautiful vocals with little practice or efforts, however you also need to master correct diction, breath control, stage presence, posture and other more important techniques.

Nevertheless, don’t be discouraged as with right guidance anyone can learn to be a playback singer. Whether you have a musical background or not, but if singing is your passion, it is possible for you to make fun and exciting career in playback singing.….



TRAINING METHODOLOGY: 100% Practical Training and Job Oriented

TRAINER: Bollywood Music Director Natraj Dastidar and Famous Reality Show Mentor Pradeep Pandit

COURSE CONTENT – Here is the best program in singing that will help you break into the film industry as a professional singer-

  1.     Voice Improvement, Tonality and Breathing Exercises
  2.     Advance Level of Singing and Understanding Resonance
  3.     Diction, Pronunciation, Accent and Speech Correction
  4.     Technicalities of Playback Singing or Stage Performance
  5.     Microphone Handling in Playback or on Stage
  6.     Emotional Mapping, Understanding Mood & Characterization in Song
  7.     Preparation for Auditions


  1.     More opportunities for singers now – Understanding all of them
  2.     Learn Playback Singing for films
  3.     Knowing the Trick to Crack Reality Show Auditions
  4.     Learn Music Director approach in Playback Singing
  5.     Self Promotion- Launch Yourself as Singer Digitally on Joinfilms Youtube Channels
  6.     Mastering Presentation and Performance on Stage
  7.     Online course to Practise Singing at home
  8.     Every student will get Original Video and audio track with studio recording.
  9.     Contact Details of Music Industry people, so that you can Share your original track with  Music director and producers,

Joinfilms Academy also conducts Singing Star Workshop for aspiring singers keen on making career in the music industry. For the singers who are unable to reach Joinfilms Academy locations can also take Singing Star Online Video Course


WHO SHOULD ATTEND – Singing Enthusiasts, Local stage performers, song creators on apps and social media and anyone who has a passion for working as Singer in Film industry

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A playback singer is a singer in Indian film industry whose songs are pre-recorded as sound-track for use in movies as songs and dance numbers. Playback singer’s record songs while actors or actresses lip-sync the songs for cameras. The actual singer of the songs in movies does not appear on the screen. However they are popular celebrities in Indian media and music industry with huge fan following and also famous as stage performers considering film music is most popular music in India.

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