Video Portfolio is the latest trend due to the changing casting process and technological advancements in filmmaking. A professional video of 2-4 minutes is produced where the actor or model displays his/her emoting capabilities, dialogue delivery, voice modulation, improvisations while also showing the range in his/her look.

Benefits of Video Portfolio

  • Video Portfolio is a visual tool that showcases your work easily by highlighting your skills and talent further to an agent or filmmaker.
  • The act or screenplay can be selected by the actor or can even be suggested by the video director as per your talent giving you comfort and confidence in emoting or acting in front of the camera.
  • The video is presented after exclusive dubbing; editing and background music creating the right ambience for your performance.
  • Video portfolio is a more professional way to show your work to anyone in the industry and creates a great impression too.
  • Video Portfolio can be either sent to casting agents through mail or CD’s and can also be uploaded on social media video platforms thereby increasing your visibility and presence.
  • The likes and comments on your video on social media platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram or Tiktok can ensure you are a popular actor or model even before you start your modeling or acting career thus giving you a sense of direction.

Portfolio for models is basically a set of professionally clicked photographs which not only includes their pictures in a variety of dresses, expressions, look and make-up but also represents the personality and character of the person in a way that it creates a strong first impression in the minds of anyone who looks at those pictures.

Benefits of Portfolio in Applying for Modeling jobs

  • Forming a portfolio helps you create that first impression and as it is said that the first impression is the last impression it becomes central to have killer shots in portfolio.
  • Since it is your first step into the glamour world it has to be handled very carefully. It is not only about highlighting your beauty, moods, expressions, and emotions but also to create an impression. Hence photographs should be natural-looking and also reflect subtle sides of your personality and character.
  • A good portfolio shot by a knowledgeable photographer enhances your chances of getting a break both in the fashion and film industry, giving you the right start and confidence with a professional attitude.
  • A professional presentation and having sufficient photos which can be varied according to the job is what you are supposed to do for making your modeling dream a reality.

Strong Portfolio takes you a long way to help you get both the first job and to ensure that you continue getting work as per your talent in the media industry. Thus even household-named superstars invest time and resources in a portfolio that can astound the onlookers.

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