Film Production Consultancy

Joinfilms Productions is a creative consultancy agency that enables budding filmmakers and film producers in their creative endeavours by strategizing, producing and consulting on creative content for the entertainment Industry.

"The film was shot entirely in a slum in Mumbai, using local talent, with a total budget of less than $10,000. This production was a trial by fire. There were days when I didn't know if the film was going to be finished. Ultimately, I could not have done it without the amazing, talented friends I made in India."
One-Stop Production Solution
Our business philosophy drives us to serve as a “one-stop” service provider for our clients. We infuse passion, creativity, integrity and high production value to all our client projects. Our forte enables us to offer national and foreign production studios, with comprehensive creative and technical support to facilitate a smooth operation from start to finish.
Consultancy Services

Pitching your idea to prospective investors or channel sponsors is the most exerting often the most challenging part of any film or media production.

Production Services

We provide foreign production studios, with comprehensive creative and technical support to facilitate a smooth operation from start to finish.

Studio Services

We have our own advanced Dubbing Studio to ensure quality output for all your entertainment content. We can help with songs and voice over recordings.

INVESTment consultancy
Bollywood has been a thriving business with an glorifying history. Despite the global crisis across other industries, the film industry has remained strong and continued to make money. We offer a range of Producer Consultancy Services including Individual mentoring and film project management.

All services in one place


We have a pool of talented and professional musicians, composers, singers and lyricists.


We groom young actors and crew by imparting practical and professional skills who are available for all our projects.


We empower first-time filmmakers and producers to fulfill their cinematic dreams in a cost-effective way with guaranteed results.

About Us

Joinfilms Productions was founded by award-winning Talent Guru and Film Producer, Virendra Rathore, with an aim to go that “extra-mile” in guiding budding filmmakers and producers. We have been around in industry for over two decades. Our approach is governed by smart strategic planning for each and every project we undertake; namely: ad films, short films, documentaries or animation series or commercial films. We are adept in delivering results with any type of projects – be it be on a shoestring budget or one that’s backed by extravagant investment.

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